competition 2021

On this page you find the relevant information about the Aargauer 3-Day OL 2021 in Schinznach

Invitation The invitation for the 3-days Orienteering competition with all the information for registration
Entries for all categories can be made via starting at 17.5.2021.
It is also possible to register for individual stages.
Provided the protecitve mesures due to covid19 will allow, registration for the open categories is also possible at the competition center the day of the event.
Camping at the 3 Days 2021 A special experience for the whole family: camping during the 3 days right next to the event centre.
Instructions The instructions are online.  Entries are possible up to 5th August via
Start lists are online:   – Day 1   – Day 2   – Day 3
Day 1 results and courses on RouteGadget
Day 2 results and courses on RouteGadget
Day 3 results, courses on RouteGadget and overall results

3 Tage Orientierungslauf und mehr im Raum Schinznach